EURO GULF 4-Stroke Motorcycle Oil contains proprietary blends of premium base oils and advanced additive technology to provide good engine cleanliness, good wear protection and corrosion protection. The thermally stable formula helps maintain proper lubrication and protects engine under high RPM and high temperature conditions. It possesses optimal frictional characteristics for maximum power transfer, smooth shifting and proper protection of the wet clutch.
Available 4T motorcycle SAE viscosity grades are : 10W30, 10W40,15W40, 20W40, 20W50


  • Thermal and oxidation stability
  • Good corrosion protection
  • Special cleaning agents and dispersants help prevent deposit formation
  • Keep engines clean
  • Excellent shear stability 

Performance Level

  • API SL
  • JASO MA2

Our Packaging Sizes

1L * 4L * 5L

20L * 25L

200L * 208L

800L * 1000L

20000L * 22000L

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